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National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

We are registered to provide services under the NDIS. You can only access NDIS funding for our services (for both group and individual therapy) if you have funds allocated to the Capacity Building Supports group category (Improved Daily Living Skills), and in some cases Core Supports when our services are aligned with the goals of an individual's NDIS Plan. NDIS fees can vary depending on where you live. Our fees for NDIS participants are aligned with the NDIS Support Catalogue (see page 61, support item number 15_054_0128_1_3 for individual sessions, and support item number 15_057_0128_1_3 for group programs pricing). For more details, please contact us or speak to your NDIS Plan Manager. If you are about to register with the NDIS for the first time, or if you are about to go through the registration renewal process, please contact us for further details BEFORE you have your NDIS plan meeting to ensure funds for our services are allocated properly. Click here to access the NDIS Support Catalogue and to get further information about pricing under the NDIS.


To access Medicare rebates for both group and individual telehealth therapy, people are required to have a referral and Mental Health Treatment Plan from their GP, OR  a referral only from a Psychiatrist or Paediatrician. People must also live in an eligible rural or remote location. If unsure, please feel free to contact us.


Group sessions are $75 per person, per session. The Medicare rebate is currently $32.15. Clients will therefore be out of pocket (i.e. have a gap fee of) $42.85 per group session.


Individual 50-minute sessions (long appointments) with Jamie Marshall are $225. The Medicare rebate for long appointments with a Clinical Psychologist is currently $128.40. Clients will therefore be out of pocket (i.e. have a gap fee of) $96.60.


Individual 30-minute sessions (short appointments) with Jamie Marshall are $145. The Medicare rebate for short appointments with a Clinical Psychologist is currently $87.45. Clients will therefore be out of pocket (i.e. have a gap fee of) $57.55.


Please note that if you have been referred under Medicare, you are usually entitled to an initial six sessions that attract a Medicare rebate. This can be extended for another four sessions (if required) in any calendar year, but you will need to visit your referring doctor for a new referral in order to access the extra sessions. In these circumstances, you are able to access rebates for 10 individual sessions AND 10 group sessions. Currently, there is an exception to this for those with an eating disorder who are able to claim Medicare rebates for up to 40 sessions in a calendar year.


Also note that group programs require full payment up-front to allow all costs associated with running the group to be covered at the outset. To register for a group, click here.


For requests relating to individual telehealth sessions, please complete our online registration form by clicking here, or contact us at .


For further details about Medicare-supported psychology services, please contact us or visit: .

Private Health Insurance

If you have private health insurance, you may be entitled to rebates for psychological therapy. Health insurance will often provide rebates of up to half of the total session fee. However, all health insurance providers are different, so clients are encouraged to contact their health insurance provider for more information.

Private Full-Fee Paying

For individuals who wish to access our services privately, all services are charged at $225 per hour.


Please be aware that the current recommended rate for psychologists by the Australian Psychological Society is $260 per hour, but we have chosen to discount our rate.

Sessions Allowable

For those registered with the NDIS, the number of sessions allowable will depend on your funding plan. This will vary from person to person according to each individual’s needs and goals. This will be discussed when we meet you for the first time.


Under Medicare, the maximum number of sessions for most mental health presentations that attract a rebate in a calendar year is 10. For eating disorders, this has been extended to 40.


In some circumstances, individuals may also be eligible for an additional Allied Health / Primary Health Care Plan that may allow them to access rebates for a further 5 sessions in a calendar year, but this attracts a larger out-of-pocket fee. Individuals are advised to contact our office or speak to their GP for more details.


In the case of private health insurance, the number of rebated sessions is often only up to 5 in a calendar year, but again, individuals should contact their insurer for further details.


For further information on any of the above, please contact us.

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