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Unfortunately we are currently unable to accept new referrals due to increased demand. Please check back here about our future availability.

For NDIS participants

Health professionals and organisations can refer NDIS participants at any time for either group or individual therapy by telehealth. Currently, a referral is not required under the NDIS, but sometimes health professionals and NDIS participants prefer to maintain a clear trail of health-related information. We respect the wishes of our clients in these cases and we are happy to receive such referrals. The critical thing needed for NDIS participants to access psychology services with us under the NDIS is sufficient funds allocated to the Capacity Building Supports group category (Improved Daily Living Skills). Further details can be obtained from the patient's NDIS Plan Manager, or feel free to contact us.

For Medicare clients

To obtain a rebate under Medicare psychology items (for both group and individual therapy), clients must have a referral and a Mental Health Treatment Plan from their GP, OR  a referral only from a Psychiatrist or Paediatrician. Individuals also need to be living in an eligible rural or remote area classified by the Modified Monash Model as MMM-4 to MMM-7. To check if a suburb qualifies, click on your state or territory below. If the suburb is on the list, then it qualifies for a telehealth Medicare rebate.


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More information for health professionals on Medicare referrals is available here.

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